SLA Silent Auction Fundraiser June 27th

#6 #7 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1It is time to start looking for items to donate to the  July 27th Annual SLA Silent Auction. We are looking for new (or like-new) items you can part with: impulse buys, unwanted gifts, white elephants, your art or crafts, etc. Dig down.

Last year we raised ~ $900 at the silent auction. Because SLA is a 501c3, your donation is tax deductible.  Donors will receive a receipt for the dollar amount of the items they donate.   Big ticket items for last year’s silent auction were: wine & cheese baskets, video sets, and canvas wraps.


The 2014 silent auction earnings paid for 40 hours of  scuba diving for the removal of Eurasian Milfoil from  Squash Lake.  This year’s goal is to raise $1,000.

Email with a list of your items to be donated. Hold your items until 6/26.

EXTRA……NEW THIS YEAR……Offer to do a CLEAN SWEEP of your house and garage to pinpoint the toxins that are hiding under your sinks and in your garage.  Isn’t it “priceless” to know what products in your home are harmful to your health?

Attention volunteers! The 2014 boat landing schedule is now available for sign-ups.

Squash Lake’s Volunteer Coordinator Bill Akan reminds all Squash Lake residents that the 2014 boat landing schedule is now posted and 200 volunteer hours are needed to meet our grant requirement.

Click the “Volunteer” tab on this site for a complete listing of dates and times for the 2014 boat landing season.

Volunteers for the summer season are urged to call Bill at 715-369-3773 or email him at to confirm dates and times of availability. 


New look for Squash Lake Association’s Info Center

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Photos by Janet Appling

If you haven’t visited the Squash Lake public boat landing lately, you probably haven’t seen the new signs that identify the Squash Lake Association’s storage building at the boat landing.  SLA’s building serves as both a storage and information center for boaters and boat landing volunteers.

Squash Lake’s AIS Education Grant Coordinator Janet Appling recently used her artistic skills to create and wood-burn three new signs for the front of the SLA storage building.  The sign directly above the doors features the SLA logo with the heron “S” in Squash, and two smaller signs depict the “Clean Boats,Clean Waters” logo.  There is also  a new “AIS alert” which will be displayed  with our “Volunteer on Duty” sign.

Appling hopes the addition of the new signage will help educate the public and assist the volunteer boat inspectors who have generously donated their time to protect our lake.  As the summer season ends, she sends “a big thank you” to all the boat landing volunteers who have made a difference in keeping Squash Lake clean. 

(SLA sends “a big thank you” to Janet for her dedication and hard work)