Lake Plan

Squash Lake Management Plan

The Squash Lake Management Plan, the roadmap for the preserving and enhancing Squash Lake for future generations, is now complete and available on the links listed below.

The Squash Lake survey answered by 60 percent of lake property owners was vital in formulating management priorities and goals included in the plan.

The State of Wisconsin DNR grant awarded to create the Squash Lake Management Plan had a cost of $32,758, with money from the DNR covering 75 percent or $24,568. The SLA was responsible for the remaining 25 percent, or $8,190. Volunteer hours covered about half of that, but the SLA paid about $4,000 in cash to satisfy our financial obligation.

The plan was essential because the state requires that lake associations have a lake management plan in place in order to receive continued funding to manage Eurasian Water Milfoil and other invasive species.

Lake Management Committee members who worked hundreds of hours to complete the plan included Stephanie Boismenue, Karen Isebrands Brown, Marj Mehring, Greg Nevinski, and Craig Zarley.

Squash Lake Comprehensive Lake Management Plan

Maps of Squash Lake