Lake District Formation in the News

WXPR – Squash Lake District Formation Moves Forward


Tom Johansen and Dan Butkus will be available on Saturday, August 20, from 9 am to 2 pm at Henkel’s Town Pump parking lot (under the “pop-up” canopy) to answer any questions people might have on lake districts.

Anyone who has made a decision may pick-up their pre-addressed petition and sign it or write no on it.  Every property is required to be contacted.

Squash Lake Association Funds are not being used.  Any donations to help defray the costs for the petitions and the informational letters are greatly appreciated.  Checks can be made out to the Squash Lake Association-Lake District Fund.

We regret that through a technical issue, the recording of the August 6 Lake District Informational Meeting could not be uploaded for access by those who missed the meeting.  We apologize for the problem, but it was beyond our control.  The following links contain preseations from the Lake District Informational Meeting.  Please sent any questions to



Welcome to the Squash Lake Association site, created for the residents of Squash Lake in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  Its purpose is to provide information about lake happenings, meetings and events.

The Squash Lake Association (SLA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation working to preserve and protect Squash Lake’s water quality, fishery, boating safety and property values for today and future generations.

Squash Lake is a 396-acre, clear-water seepage lake with a maximum depth of 74 feet, located in Oneida County approximately 5 miles from the city of Rhinelander. Largemouth bass and walleyes are the dominant game fish in the lake with moderate numbers of smallmouth bass, northern pike and panfish.  Loons, ducks and wildlife abound on the lake and its shores and are respected and protected by Squash Lake residents.