Ice-Off contest entry form


The Squash Lake Ice Off contest

guess the day & time SLA Big Loon will start swimming

  • Big Loon is waiting off shore. A clock is set to stop when Big Loon brakes through the ice.  When will that be?

Will you be the lucky person to Win ?

  • When the Big Loon starts swimming,  the official clock will stop, marking the day & time of Ice Off.
  • Each guess costs only $3.00 or 4 guesses for $10.00.
  • Win  50% of the earnings goes to the winner.   50% goes to SLA Eurasian Water Milfoil control effort.

To Enter:  Mail your name phone number, and guesses on the above form to SLA, P.O. Box 511, Rhinelander, WI  54501

     Or:  on press the PayPal donate button to pay with your credit card. Write your guesses in the memo section.  

     Or:  Place completed form  & donation in the Ice Off Jug at The Town Pump

    Entries & payments will be accepted Feb. through midnight April 1, 2017 or ice off, whichever comes first!

Rules:    If two or more people guess the same winning time the 50% of the pot winnings will be split between them.

In a tie, the person who guessed closest to actual time but not later wins.  (for example: Allie guessed noon,  Bert guessed 2:00pm & Abby guessed 3:00pm.  The Big Loon clock time is 2:30pm therefore Bert is the winner.)

In the event that any unforeseen occurrence makes it impossible to determine the exact time of ice off, the winner will be determined by drawing, lottery fashion from the guesses within the day of ice off.

All decisions of the Ice-Off committee are final.