SLA Board Meeting Minutes, March 19, 2012

Present: Craig Zarley, Pat Dugan, Marj Mehring, Greg Nevinski, Nick and Stephanie Boismenue.


Minutes of the February 6th Board Meeting were read and amended to include a letter from Stef and Nick Boismenue granting permission for use of their Johnson Outboard Motor on any SLA boat. The Board approved the terms of the letter. Greg Nevinski moved to approve the minutes. Motion was seconded by Nick Boismenue. Minutes were approved 5-0.


Treasurer’s report:  Marj Mehring presented the Treasures report. We have $2,600 in dues for 2011-12, which amounts to104 members. $1,985 has been received from Carole Mustacci’s fund-raising letter appeal. An additional $50 has been received but not yet recorded.  It was also necessary to make a budget adjustment to this year’s budget to reflect year to year expenses related to the Lake Management Grant.  Nick Boismenue requested that a balance sheet be included routinely in the treasurer’s report along with cash flow statements.  Motion to approve Treasures report made by Greg Nevinski and seconded by Nick Boismenue. Treasures report approved 5-0.


Newsletter:  Pat Dugan reported that the newsletter has been delayed but is now ready for distribution. Craig Zarley will write an article about the Lake Management Grant and will distribute it to the local newspaper for a possible article by them.


Town/County/State: Town of Woodboro will hold a hearing on ATV use on Town roads and property. No County news. State: The state approved a weakened wetlands development bill, defeated the mining bill, and failed to take action on DNR presumptive permitting bill.


Old Business

No update from Tony Giannola regarding the annual audit. Pat will call Tony to follow up. It was suggested we contact Alex Cirilli from Northland Accounting to take over this responsibility in the future.

No report on any items pertinent to the Bible Camp lawsuit.



There is nothing to report on the Joint Prevention Grant as per Janet Appling.


AIS Early Detection Grants:  Stephanie reviewed Data and Expense Reports.

On 3/12/12 Stef met with Kevin Gauthier from the DNR and he informed her SLA will get the full $20K as opposed to the $19K included with the grant. He also noted that SLA will get a 3rd Early Detection Response Grant, which we will have Onterra write. In the future additional AIS eradication grants will be contingent on moving forward with our Lake Management Grant Program. Due to the high cost of hiring divers to pull EWM, our lake monitors will need to be more responsible for identifying EWM site locations to minimize the time divers spend searching for new infestations.   Kyle McGlocklin from the DNR will send Stephanie an improved grid to help clarify monitors’ section boundaries. Monitors will also serve as “First Responders “who can help ID any milfoil found by the lake residents.


Lake Management Grant:  A kick off meeting will be held on June 16th at the Crescent Town Hall from 9:00am to noon to allow lake residents have input into some of the issues to be defined by our consultant Onterra. They will incorporate all approved items in a questionnaire for further distribution.


New Business

Wisconsin Lakes Convention April 10-12, 2012 in Green Bay.  Stephanie will present on Squash Lakes hand-pulling efforts to control EWM.  Registrations for her and Marj to be reimbursed by SLA.


See DNR website SWIMS for fish and lake data studies.


Karen Isabrands-Brown submitted a suggestion that SLA contact the Towns of Crescent and Woodboro for budgetary grants to the association to aid in EWM eradication and removal. Several townships in the Lake Tomahawk area are already doing this. The lake is a benefit to all the residents of both towns. Pat Dugan will contact both town chairmen to get on their respective agendas.


The Jaros Family has offered to donate a pontoon boat.  Our current pontoon boat has been in poor shape and is expected to last only another year or so.  Pat Dugan will contact Wes Jaros to schedule an inspection.  Stephanie will accompany.   


Pat Dugan reported that he had two or three positive responses for potential board members in the upcoming elections. Pat and Jim Brown will not be running for reelection. Pat Dugan will contact current Board Member Laura Hetland to clarify  her interest in continuation of her board position.


The Annual Meeting has been scheduled for July 7, 2012.


Next meeting: April 16, 2012 (3rd Monday) at Pat Dugan’s house at 6:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Greg Nevinski

Acting Secretary