SLA Board Meeting Minutes, Feb. 6, 2012


Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm.  Members and guests at the meeting included Janet Appling, Stephanie Boismenue, Pat Dugan, Marj Mehring, Craig Zarley and Nick Boismenue.

Dec. 5, 2011 board meeting minutes were approved after an amendment noting that Laura Herman from the DNR rather than Onterra was present with Stephanie when the native variety northern milfoil was discovered and identified.


Treasurer reportMarj noted that the $1,000 WPS grant and proceeds from the silent auction at the annual meeting were broken out into separate line items.  She noted that the grant reimbursement process for the three-lake educational grant needs to be streamlined with reimbursements made to the SLA rather than any individual in order to clarify the accounting processMotion to approve by CraigSeconded by NickReport passed unanimously

Newsletter report:  Stephanie formally resigned from the newsletter committee. Janet noted that articles for the next newsletter were due Feb. 15. Craig indicated he would have an article about the Comprehensive Lake Management Grant

Website report:Carole Mustacci submitted a written report noting that the site was visited 3,600 times in 2011 The posts receiving the most views during the year were updates on the Eagle Cove Camp and Conference Center, Welcome, Newsletter, Photos and Volunteer.

Membership report:  Marj reported that SLA has just over 100 members

Old business:

2010-2011 audit: Marj reported that she resent the SLA profit and loss statement to Tony Giannola in order for him to complete the audit.

The SLA board voted to divest itself of the three air tanks for the divers by selling them all to Nick and Stephanie Boismenue for $1 each. Marj noted that the SLA more than recouped its investment on the tanks.  Pat made the motion.  Marge seconded. It was approved on a unanimous vote.

There were no updates to the status of the Eagle Cove Camp and Conference Center.

Grant reports:

AIS Prevention Grant with Lakes Crescent & Julia:  Bill Akan noted that the SLA had exceeded its required volunteer hours for the year for the tri-lake grant with Crescent and Lake Julia. SLA members donated 294 hours of labor, exceeding the requirement of 200 hours. Pat noted that we need to get in writing a letter from Jim Gehrke, grant administrator, exempting Squash Lake from the rake toss plant monitoring. The SLA board noted that the rake toss plant survey tends to stir up and spread EWM and is redundant to SLA’s existing monitoring efforts under its AIS Early Detection/Rapid Response Grants. Janet agreed to take a letter to Jim for his signature.

AIS Early Detection/Rapid Response Grant #1Stephanie noted that several gas receipts were the only outstanding bills and with board approval, Marj will reimburse for the gas once the bills are received.

AIS Early Detection/Rapid Response Grant #2Stephanie said that our expenses for divers and other grant related expenses exceed the grant monies from the state. There are approximately 222 divers hours left for the coming season. Stephanie said she is working with our lake consultants, Onterra, to crunch the budget and get creative to get more money and hours for the divers. Stephanie said it would help to have a volunteer harvester working with the divers to pull milfoil in shallower water. Also, divers will likely pull for one week in May, one week in June and one week in July in an effort to save money but still keep on top of EWM. Stephanie said she was also in contact with the DNR to pursue another grant extension in order to get more state funds for AIS control. We also need to beef up our fundraising efforts and solicit more volunteers to help control EWM.

Comprehensive Lake Management GrantCraig reported that the SLA had received a check for $5,025.22 from the state as an advance on the grant. The kickoff meeting to introduce SLA members to the grant process and to seek input regarding management priorities has been set for Saturday June 16, 9 am at the Crescent Town Hall.

New Business

Carole drafted a fundraising letter, which will be sent to all SLA members asking for donations and urging members to volunteer in the fight to control EWM.

SLA has been approached about a donation of a 20-foot Northland pontoon boat by the Jaros family.  We will inspect the boat in the Spring and make a decision at that time.  The current “Terminator” is estimated to be good for about one more year.

Board members were asked to reach out to SLA members in an effort to recruit more board members. Pat and Craig agreed to make contacts.

Board meeting adjourned at 8:30. Next meeting is scheduled for Mar. 19, at 6:30 pm at Pat Dugan’s house

Submitted by Craig Zarley