SLA Board Meeting Minutes, December 5, 2011

Squash Lake Association Board Meeting

                                           December 5, 2011,   Pat Dugan’s Home


Present:  Jim Brown, Karen Isebrands Brown, Marj Mehring, Pat Dugan, Craig Zarley, Janet Appling, Marge DeJongh.


 1.      Approval of Minutes from October 17, 2011 board meeting:

 Motion to Approve: Marj

Second:  Karen


 2.      Reports:

 ·        Treasurer’s Report: Marj Mehring reported that she has received one new membership renewal since the last meeting.  The annual nonstock corporation report was submitted to the state of Wisconsin and the Northwoods Land Trust dues of $100 were paid.  Marj submitted the monthly treasurer’s report to the board for approval.

Motion to approve:  Craig

Second:  Jim


·        Newsletter:  Janet Appling reported that the current newsletter is complete and will be distributed within the week.  The deadlines for submission of articles for the March newsletter is February 15.  .

·        Website:  no report

·        Membership: no report

 3.      Old Business:

 ·        2010-2011 Audit by Tony Giannola: Marj Mehring will follow up with       Tony regarding the audit.

·        Other

 4.      Grant Reports:

 ·        AIS Early Detection/Rapid Response #2: Pat Dugan reported that Onterra recently discovered a native variety of milfoil in Squash Lake, called northern water milfoil, which looks a lot like Eurasian water milfoil.  Pat also reported that leaks in our old pontoon boat have been repaired, and it is expected to be functional for at least one more season.  Stephanie Boismenue has been invited to present a poster session on the Squash Lake Association efforts at hand pulling at the Wisconsin Lakes Association convention in Green Bay in April, 2012.

·        AIS Prevention/Education with Crescent Lake and Lake Julia Associations:  Janet Appling reported that the inspections at the Squash Lake Landing included 337 water craft inspections, with 710 lake users contacted, with a total of 293.9 volunteer hours.  The 500 hour of volunteer hours for educational/prevention activities for this grant exceeded the 364 hours required.  Janet is currently developing the match requirements and activities for the 2012 grant award.

·        Lake Management Grant: Craig Zarley reported that the SLA was awarded the Lake Management Planning Project from the Wisconsin DNR in November.  The first required activity is to organize a survey of lake residents to determine needs and give direction to development of a management plan.  A Lake Management plan is a requirement for future AIS control grants.  The Lake Management grant runs from October 2011 through December of 2014.  The board has tentatively scheduled the initial kickoff meeting of stakeholders for Saturday, June 9th, with an alternate date of June 16th. 

·        WPS Grant: Karen Isebrands Brown recently submitted a report to WPS detailing how the weatherization kits were distributed and the names of individuals  who volunteered to reduce their energy usage.  The SLA will receive a check for $1,000 once WPS has reviewed the report.

 5.      New Business:

 ·        Bible Camp: no update

·        Marj Mehring’s report on 2011 lake monitoring data:  Marj has completed her report and a DNR link to the summary will be posted on the SLA website.

·        Karen Isebrands Brown – fund raising appeal:  Karen reported that $1,600 was raised.  Karen also suggested that the Woodboro and Crescent Townships be approached for sponsorships.  Other suggestions include solicitation of  advertisements on the website and in the newsletter, a partnership with local snowmobile clubs, and a request for lake residents to become more involved in the financial support of milfoil eradication efforts.  Craig Zarley suggested that an ad hoc committee of the board be formed to coordinate fund raising efforts.  This committee would put together a summary of past and future efforts to control AIS, and project future costs as a basis for approaching donors for support.

·        Option to hire student interns at boat landing:  Pat Dugan reported that the Oneida County AIS coordinator is working on an internship program with UW Oshkosh to identify student interns for monitoring of the boat landing.  Given the cost, the board decided to continue with local volunteers instead of paid interns.

·        Proposal to expand the board: Karen Isebrands Brown proposed that the board needs to actively recruit new members to fill expected vacancies, and increase the size of the board.  The organization has taken on several comprehensive project (i.e. AIS control, Lake Management Planning, a website, a newsletter,…) and active board members are needed to sustain these activities.  Karen has volunteered to chair a committee to expand board membership.  She asked all current board members to send her names of potential new board members.

·        Officer’s and Director’s liability Insurance:  Jim Brown reported that Wisconsin State statute has two sections that limit the liability for officers and directors of Wisconsin Corporations.  The specific statutes are 181.0855 and 181.0670.  The SLA will contact an attorney for an opinion on the protections afforded by these statutes.  The issue will be tabled for now, but the question needs to be resolved before the association enters into another agreement with the divers.  The SLA currently carries a commercial general liability policy as part of our boat insurance.  Nick Boismenue will clarify the coverage limits at our next meeting.  The divers will now supply all of their own equipment as independent contractors to limit SLA’S liability, and the SLA will no longer supply air tanks to the divers.

·        Lake etiquette code:  It was decided that this can be discussed as part of the Lake Management Planning Project.

 6.      Confirm Next Meeting:  

 February 6, 2012 at 6:30pm

  Pat Dugan’s home

7.  Adjourned at 8:30 pm.