SLA Board Meeting Agenda December 5, 2011


The next meeting of the Squash Lake Association board will be at 6:30 p.m. on Monday December 5 at the Dugan home at 7306 Squash Lake Road.  All SLA members are welcome to attend.


 1.   Approve minutes from October 17, 2011.

 2.  Reports

     a.     Treasurer

     b.    Newsletter

     c.     Website

     d.    Membership

 3.     Old business

     a.     2010-11 audit by Tony Giannola

     b.    Other

 4.     Grants

    a.     AIS Early Detection/Rapid Response Grant #2

    b.    AIS Prevention/Education Grant with Lakes Crescent & Julia

    c.     Lake Management Planning Grant

    d.    WPS Grant

 5.     New business

   a.     Bible Camp

   b.    Marj Mehring 2011 lake monitoring data

   c.     Karen fund raising appeal

   d.    Option to hire student interns at boat landing

    e.     Proposal to expand the board

    f.     Officers & director’s liability insurance

    g.    Lake etiquette code

 6.     Adjourn