SLA Board Meeting Minutes, August 15,2011

Squash Lake Association Board Meeting

August 15, 2011

Pat Dugan’s Home


Present:  Jim Brown, Karen Isebrands Brown, Marj Mehring, Pat Dugan, Greg Nevinski, Craig Zarley, Carole Mustacci, Stephanie Boismenue, Janet Appling, Laura Hetland, Bill Akan. 



  1. Approval of Minutes from July 18, 2011 board meeting:

Motion to Approve: Greg

Second: Karen



  1. WPS Grant Presentation: Leah Vanzile made a presentation on the energy conservation grant awarded to the Squash Lake Association.  The association was given an energy challenge grant award for $1,000.  There are three areas of the grant — education, service, and awareness of energy usage.  The purpose is to energy conservation.


The education component involves inviting a speaker to an association meeting to talk about energy conservation strategies or stewardship of the environment.  This activity needs to be completed between Sept. 1st to Nov. 30th.


The service component involves recruiting 10 individuals who are willing to install a weatherization kit in their homes.  Kits are provided by WPS.


The third component is awareness of energy usage and strategies to reduce energy usage in the home by 5% between Sept. 1st and Nov. 30th.  Examples include dialing back thermostats, installing fluorescent light bulbs.  This component requires 10 homes to participate, and the energy savings of all ten homes will be averaged together.


The board members have agreed to recruit participants for the weatherization and the awareness programs.


  1. Boat Landing Inspection Update – Bill Akin:  Bill reported that he has recorded 199 hours of volunteer service at the boat landing, with 52 boats inspected.  The lake grant required a total of 200 hours.  Even though the number of hours have been met, there has been a lack of consistent coverage at the landing on weekends.


Bill indicated there is a need for volunteers over the Labor Day weekend.  The landing will be monitored through September 25.


The grant also requires a total of 24 hours of training for volunteers and currently Bill has delivered about 20 hours of training. 


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Marj Mehring reported we currently have 81 paid members for 2011-12.  In addition, members have contributed an additional $1,650 for milfoil eradication. 

Motion to approve:  Jim Browm

Second:  Nick Boismenue



  1. Other Reports:

·         Newsletter:  the next newsletter will be published near the end of August.

·         Website:  Carole Mustacci reported that she has updated the links on the webpage which will make it easier to navigate.  Board meeting minutes will be posted on the web page starting with the current meeting.

·         AIS Eradication Grant(s):  Stephanie Boismenue submitted an invoice for expenditures incurred before June 30, 2011, which leaves a balance $1,248.67.  Stephanie is attempting to document other expenditures that might qualify to expend the remaining grant balance.


Stephanie is working on the next grant and is expecting the grant will be awarded with a start date retroactive to July 1, 2011.  The dollar amount will be about the same as the previous grant with a 25% match requirement.  The total grant, including the match amount, is approximately $26,000.


Stephanie reported that the results of the eradication are positive and the number of sites has been reduced.  Onterra will perform a survey of the lake in late September to document the progress of the eradication efforts.

·         AIS Prevention/Education Grants with Crescent and Lake Julia:  Janet Appling reported that she has ordered two new signs to post at the landing.  One sign is an “Alert” sign to inform boaters of the rules regarding invasive species control, and the second sign is to control parking in front of the storage shed.  Janet also reported that she is on track with the required volunteer hours for the grant.


Pat Dugan reported that there will be a recognition dinner on October 11th for volunteers who have participated in grant activities from Lakes Julia, Crescent and Squash.  The event will be held at the Northwoods Golf Course.  The details of the dinner will be forwarded in the near future. 


  1. Old Business:

·         2010-2011 Audit:  no update

·         Independent Contractor Agreement:  Pat Dugan reported that he has corresponded with Gary Cirilli about two sections of the contract that were discussed at the July board meeting.  Gary advised that the association should not provide any equipment to the divers other than a boat.  As independent contractors the divers should supply all of their own equipment.   Pat will follow up with Gary to determine options for supplying the equipment. 

·         Membership Reminder:  Carole Mustacci sent out approximately 120 reminder letters for renewals and new member recruitment.  Approximately 30 memberships have been returned.  Carole will follow up with phone call reminders.

·         Pontoon Boat Expenses:  no expenses have been submitted to date.

·         August 14th Bonfire/Songfest:  eight lake residents attended the songfest and bonfire at the Dugan home on the 14th.  Pat lead the group in songs and a good time was had by all.


  1. New Business:

·         Comprehensive Lake Management Grant:  Craig Zarley submitted the grant on July 25th and expects to hear a response by the end of September.

·         Bible Camp Update:

·         Ring of Fire Even September 3rd, 7:30pm:

·         Proposed Lake Etiquette Code:

·         Proposal to Expand Board Membership:

·         Proposed New Fund Raising Event:

·         Liability Insurance:

·         Oneida County Stewardship Awards, August 25th:


  1. Confirm Next Meeting: 

September 19, 2011 at 6:30pm

Pat Dugan’s home


  1. Adjourned at 8:40pm.