Invitation to join Squash Lake Ring of Fire

Submitted by Nancy Schroder

This is an open invitation to all Squash Lake residents to join in an end of summer activity called the Ring of Fire. Based on a Native American tradition of lighting fires around the lake as a way to celebrate the beauty and abundance of the lake and to give thanks for bountiful harvests, good hunting and fishing, the Ring of Fire has evolved into an activity for lake residents to express their spirit of community and to give thanks for the enjoyment and pleasure we enjoyed because of the lake.

 We hope the Ring of Fire becomes a tradition that will grow in the future as an activity we all look forward to, as a unique way to mark the end of the summer season, and to show our continued commitment to maintaining the quality of Squash Lake.

How you can participate in the Ring of Fire? The Ring of Fire will be held on Saturday, September 3rd at dusk. Keeping safety in mind, each residence lights a fire or flare(s) along the shore to create a “ring of fire” around the lake.

The best viewing might be from a boat in the middle of the lake, but again, please keep safety in mind by insuring your fires or flares are always attended and nighttime boating rules are observed.