Update on Squash Lake Loons

by Karen Isebrands-Brown                                                                                                August 5, 2011

Our Squash Lake loons chose a new nesting place this year.  They moved from the southeast bay, where they have been for years, to a location near the small island.  That is not the only change.  The female loon that had been nesting in the bay did not return this year.  The male loon, who was actually her son (yes, I know) did return and now has a new mate. This 13-year-old male was hatched on Washburn Lake in 1998 and is much larger than the average.  Thankfully, there was a successful hatch this year.  Dr. Walter Piper and his team banded the new female and the two chicks on July 27th. The bands tell the date of banding and the location.