SLA Board Meeting Minutes, July 18, 2011

Squash Lake Association Board Meeting

July 18, 2011

Pat Dugan’s Home

Present:  Jim Brown, Karen Isebrands Brown, Marj Mehring, Pat Dugan, Greg Nevinski, Craig Zarley, Carole Mustacci, Stephanie Boismenue, Janet Appling, Laura Hetland, Bill Akan.



  1. Welcome new board member Laura Hetland:


  1. Approval of Minutes from June 20, 2011 board meeting:

Motion to Approve: Craig Zarley

Second: Marj Mehring


Discussion:  in the future, board meeting minutes will be sent to members as a “DRAFT,” if sent before approved at the following board meeting.


  1. Treasurer’s report and 2010-2011 audit:  Marj reported that we currently have $1,250 in new memberships, $1,225 in restricted donations, and $60 in unrestricted donations. At this point $1,500 has been expended on the pontoon boat for the milfoil eradication. The board originally approved up to $2,300.  Additional expenses have been incurred and will be addressed at a future board meeting.


The 2010-11 SLA financial records have been submitted to the auditor but no report has been received as of this meeting.

Motion to approve:  KIB

Second:  Greg Nevinski



  1. Comprehensive Lake Management Grant:  letters of support have been received from Crescent and Woodboro townships.  Motion:  “The Squash Lake Association board of directors is fully committed to developing a Lake Management Plan and would like to apply for a state grant funds.”

Motion to Approve:  KIB

Second:  Marj Mehring

Approved:  for – 7,  opposed – 0, abstentions – 0


  1. Contract for Scuba Divers:  Pat Dugan passed out an Independent Contractor’s Agreement provided by Gary Cirilli.  The purpose of the agreement is to limit the liability of the Association related to the scuba divers’ services.  Some concerns were raised needing to clarify if independent contractors can use equipment owned by the Association, and a clause for breach of contract by the divers. Pat Dugan will discuss these concerns with Gary Cirilli and send email vote for approval of the contract by the board.


  1. Debrief Annual Meeting:
    • The board reviewed comments from the membership at the annual meeting and how to improve it for next year.
    • $667.50 was raised by the silent auction, organized by Karen.  Donors of items can claim a charitable deduction, but purchasers cannot.
    • Tentative date for the 2012 annual meeting is Saturday July 7, 10am – 12noon


  1. Other Announcements & Updates:
    • Bill Akan reported that he is still looking for volunteers to monitor the boat landing. SLA currently has 170 hours of recorded volunteer time at the boat landing, which is considerably less than budgeted by the grant.  The grant also calls for 12 people trained on boat inspections and a report on AIS lake monitoring efforts.
    • Membership:  Marj Mehring has a list of membership renewals.  She and Carole Mustacci will send a reminder to those who have not yet renewed.  Stephanie and Marj will send a thank you and a receipt to those who have paid their dues.
  • ·         Pat Dugan reminded everyone about the upcoming social activities organized by the Association:
    • o   Bonfire/Songfest:   7 p.m. August 6th at Dugan’s
    • o   Ring of Fire:    7:30pm, September 3th
  • ·         Stephanie reported that she has accumulated sufficient hours to match her eradication grant which ends June 30.  She also reported that the milfoil harvesting is going well and it appears that the hand pulling is quite effective. 


  1. Confirm Next Meeting: 

August 22, 2011 at 6:30pm

Pat Dugan’s home


  1. Adjourned at 8:40pm.