Over $600 raised in SLA’s first silent auction

by Karen Isebrands-Brown
August 5, 2011
SLA members bid on auction items at the annual meeting and picnic held July 2, 2011 on Roger Degis’ Squash Lake beach.

The Squash Lake Association’s first annual Silent Auction was held at the annual picnic and it was a smashing success!  Six lake families donated items for the silent auction and $662.50 was raised to help pay the divers who are removing the EMF from Squash Lake. Way to go!  Considering the fact that I put out the call for donations only three days before the annual picnic, this amount of money is great!  The price range on the items purchased was $5- $180 and the proceeds will pay for over 33 hours of EMF diving.  Our thanks to the SLA members who purchased the auction items and to the following families who generously donated them: Paco & Heidi Fralick, Jim &Shirley Trask, Tina and Greg Baer, Katy & Jim Dyreby, Sue and Pat Dugan, and Karen & Jim Brown