SLA Annual Meeting Minutes, July 2, 2011

Squash Lake Association Annual Meeting

July 2, 2011

Roger Degris’ Beach


8:30 a.m. Arrive, set up, and pay dues for 2011-12


9:00 a.m. Pot luck brunch.


9:45-11 a.m. Business Meeting Minutes:


1.      Introductions:   approximately 40 people were in attendance at the meeting. 

·        Pat Dugan gave a welcome and introduced two guests:

ü  Nick Strupp, one of the divers hired to work on the milfoil eradication, gave an update on the project.  He and the second diver have harvested over 400 lbs of milfoil this season.  Nick feels the hand pulling is effective and, with a few exceptions, the colonies are being reduced in size or eliminated.

ü  Bill Akin, the project coordinator for monitoring the boat landings on Crescent, Julia and Squash Lakes, gave an update.  Bill thanked the volunteers, but reminded everyone that additional volunteer hours are needed to meet the grant requirement.


2.      Approval of minutes from the July 11, 2010 annual meeting:  Jim Brown read the minutes from the last annual meeting.

Motion to approve: Deb Durchslag

Second: Craig Olaffson

Motion Approved


3.      Treasurer’s report:  Marj Mehring gave a report on the status of the association’s finances.  Marj passed out the treasurer’s report and reviewed the balance sheet.  Marj also indicated that the 2011-2011 finance report is being audited by Tony Giannola.

Motion to approve:  Roger Degris

Second:  Sue Dugan

Motion Approved


4.      President’s report:  Pat Dugan gave the following report:

·        Pat thanked the board and other members of the SLA who have volunteered their time and energy to promote the environmental quality of Squash Lake.  However, he expressed concern that a relatively small core of people are doing the bulk of the work.  He urged everyone to do what they can to contribute.  For example, if all SLA members volunteered just 2 hours at the boat landing, we could cover most weekends and holidays to prevent the further infestation of AIS.

·        Pat asked for volunteers to help with the SLA float at the 4th of July parade in Rhinelander.  The float is represented by lakes Crescent, Squash and Julia.  The theme for the float is “War on Invasives.”

·        The association is in its 6th year and is now a 501.c.3 organization.  Donations to the association are tax deductable.  Pat thanked the Jaros Family for their generous $3000 challenge match grant, which raised over $6000 to fight EWM.

·        The Squash Lake Camp and Conference center is appealing the decision to deny their conditional use permit, in federal court in Superior, WI in September of this year.

·        Carole Mustacci provided a handout on the SLA’s new website and indicated that the website will be the primary means of communication in the future.  The website can be accessed at:    


·        One of the functions of the SLA is to monitor and report governmental actions by local, county, and state bodies that affect the lake.  One issue of interest, the shore land zoning legislation NR115, is currently being delayed at the Governor’s level.


5.      Grant updates:

AIS early detection/rapid response grant(s): 

·        Stephanie Boismenue informed the group that the second grant to combat Eurasian milfoil in Squash lake has been submitted to the DNR.  This grant, when approved, will be retroactive to July 1, 2011.

·        Stephanie also reported that the association has purchased a used pontoon boat as a platform for the divers in the eradication efforts.  She thanked the association for purchasing the boat.

·        Dale Smith asked about submission of volunteer hours and Stephanie indicated that hours should be reported to her at the end of each month.


Joint AIS education/prevention grant with Lakes Crescent & Julia:

·        Janet Appling reported that the shed at the landing was paid for by the grant and that the shed is fully stocked with educational materials and reporting sheets for the volunteers who monitor the landing.

·        Janet asked members to submit photos to her for use in the next calendar, published jointly by lakes Julia, Crescent and Squash.  The calendar is an educational piece on preserving lake quality.


Pending application for comprehensive lake management grant:

·        Craig Zarley reported that future funding for monitoring lake quality and control of invasive species requires the formation of a Comprehensive Lake Management Plan.  The plan covers water quality, wildlife, fisheries, and shore land restoration.  Craig is writing the plan which will be submitted in August of this year.  The match requirement has been changed to 66% grant funds and 33% association matching funds.  A survey will be sent to members asking for feedback once the initial plan has been approved.

6.   Election of officers: 

Nominations:      Secretary:  Jim Brown

                              Treasurer:  Marj Mehring

                        Board member at large:  Karen Isebrands Brown

                        Board member at large:  Laura Hetland


Nominations were closed and members voted by paper ballot.  All of the individuals nominated above were elected.

7.  Member comments:

  • Marlene Markworth reported that some trees in the area are being attacked by the white pine beetle and that affected trees should be removed and/or burned to prevent the disease from spreading to other trees.
  • Karen Isebrands Brown made a presentation on a grant from WPS which requires a minimum of 10 residents to apply for and install free weatherization kits.  If enough individuals agree to participate, the SLA will receive $1,000 from WPS.  Anyone interested in this project should contact Karen.
  • Roger Degris reported that the lake level has risen about 8″ over last year.
  • Stephanie asked that anyone using the lake be watchful for the divers and keep an eye out for their marker buoy.  She asked lake users to be particularly watchful around docks and anchored boats.
  • Roger Degris indicated that anyone finding milfoil in the lake can mark the site on a map using Google Earth, which gives the GPS coordinates of the affected site.
  • Deb Durchslag thanked all of the association members and residents who have participated in the milfoil eradication effort, grant writing and boat monitoring.

 8.  The meeting adjourned at 11:30am