SLA Board Meeting Minutes, June 20, 2011

 Present: Pat Dugan, Janet Appling, Marj Mehring, Karen Isebrands-Brown, Stephanie Boismenue, Nick Boismenue, Craig Zarley, Greg Nevinski

Guests: Michelle Sadauskas Oneida Co. AIS Coordinator, Bill Akan AIS Volunteer Scheduler

 Pat Dugan introduced Michelle Sadauskas. She explained her background and the parameters of her limited position time scope. She and her two assistants are authorized 600 man hours each which should provide AIS coverage thru September. Her assistants are Tim Flad and Jenny Sadak. They will support Lake Association efforts as well as planning and coordinating AIS activities throughout the county. Both assistants are required to spend 300 of their allotted hours at landing inspections. They also need to continue work on continuation of County grants. Another AIS project will involve release of AIS informational placemats. Tim Flad is also working on developing an informational work packet that will be distributed to watercraft rental businesses.

 The county is working with the DNR for promo materials for 4th of July activities. See DNR website for more details.

 Michelle noted that it took her about 80 hours of her allotted 600 to bring her up to speed regarding past and present activities related to her part time position. She entertained a question regarding Lake Association support for making the Coordinators position full time, similar to that of previous coordinators.

 Bill Akan took the floor and explained some of the progress and difficulties in obtaining volunteers to man the boat landings. To date, with about half the boating season gone we have only 67.5 hours out of a required 200 needed for our grant matching needs. Some of the weekends are being unattended. Those hours taking place are usually being covered by a select few of the association membership. People need to respond to Bill and step up before we burn out all the few people working to keep our lake clean and safe for the approximate 150 property owners. If only they would volunteer 2 hours each we’d more than cover the grant requirements and provide a safe weed free environment for the lake.

 He will be given a brief time slot at the Annual Meeting to explain the volunteer process and solicit participation.

 Bill also noted that bobbers and temporary tattoo stickers will be provided for handout at the 4th of July parade.

 Bill asked for six people between now and the 4th to work on the parade float and to man the float during the parade. He would like a family with children on the float if possible.

The parade is scheduled to start at 11:00 AM. The volunteers need to be there at 10:00 AM and need to stay after to assist with clean up and tear down.

 Minutes of 5/16/11 were read by Pat Dugan. Cirilli Law Office was added as a sponsor for the newsletter. Motion to approve was made by Nick Boismenue and seconded by Craig Zarley. Motion was approved.

Treasurers report was previously mailed to all board members. Some uncertainty exists regarding the exact number of members. Treasurer reports 98 for fiscal year 2010-11. The uncertainty is caused by funds received in one year for use in the next. It appears that a person (thought to be Jim Brown) is charged with keeping the membership list and may be a better source for exact membership numbers.Motion to approve the treasurers report was made byGreg Nevinski, seconded by Nick Boismenue. Motion approved.

 Web site: Carole Mustacci plans to update the web site after the annual meeting and after she completes her web site design course. She plans to better define connections and how to get more information. She reports allot of traffic viewing the boat landing schedule but the follow up response to Bill Akan is not happening. Carole will give a 1-2 minute presentation at the annual meeting.

 Newsletter: The last letter went out by e-mail due to loss of postage support. Hard copies were sent to those who do not have e-mail. Non-members of the association no longer receive the newsletter. The next newsletter will go out in late August. Janet asked for all articles to be in by mid August to give her time to assemble the newsletter without undue rush.

 Reports were tabled for: Woodboro/Crescent townships, ONEIDA County OCLRA, and State issues/ Wisconsin Lakes.


 SLA June 4th paddle was poorly attended because of poor publicity of the event and the early start time.

 Pontoon Boat: The recently purchased pontoon boat turned out to have a bad non repairable motor. Craig’s list will be notified of false advertising by the party that sold it. As a result a rebuilt motor was purchased by Nick and Stephanie Boismenue for $1,400. The budget is overspent by $1,200. Nick and Stephanie paid for the new motor out of their funds and will not seek reimbursement before the end of the year. Nick reported that liability insurance for the boat has been obtained at a cost of $357 annually. Coverage is $1mm.  Total expenditure for the boat totals $3,538.60. Nick also reported that gasoline theft has occurred on two occasions while it was parked at their beach.

 Independent contractor agreement: Pat received a rough draft of an agreement prepared by Gary Cirilli. All our divers have signed the same form as was used last year.

 List of lakes with AIS: Bill Akan posted a list of lakes in the shed for use in clean boat inspections. It can be checked when a boat indicates it has been in a different lake within the last five days.

 AIS Early Detection/Rapid response grant: Stephanie is still getting reported hours from some individuals. She needs all hours covered from last year until 6/30/11 by Friday June 25 so she can complete her report. We need to cover $2,445 with matching funds. Currently we have $1,332 reported. We are short by $1,113 which is approximately 93 more hours. Please get your reports in.

Stephanie also reported that the divers are working 5 days per week, rain or shine excluding severe weather. They need volunteer boat assistance to aid the divers and pick up floating weeds. Their day starts at 8:30AM. Any assistance will be appreciated and is needed. Please see recent e-mails for how to sign up. The present grant has $6,184 available to be spent if matching hours are met.

 A new early response grant was submitted to the DNR about three weeks ago for continuing our effort for another year starting July 1, 2011. The DNR representative notes that the grant will likely be approved.

 AIS Prevention Grant with Lakes Julia and Crescent: Janet Appling reports that we have received $400 for reimbursement for attending the Green Bay Conference. She reported an over goal matching fund amount by 130 hours.

Signs are being made to emphasis our AIS efforts by SLA for posting on the shed and on the RR tie wall at the landing.

Janet also attended a Vilas County Lakes Association AIS meeting and came away with allot of valuable information and new ideas for use with our association and the Squash/Crescent/Julia Prevention grant.


 Comprehensive Lake Management Grant Proposal: Craig Zarley noted that we are to receive boiler plate information for this proposal prepared by Onterra by the end of June.  Application is due in August. 

 Annual Meeting:

Sat. July 2, 2011

Location: Degris beach 9:00 – 11:00 AM. If inclement weather, it will be held at the Crescent Town Hall. Pat Dugan will post an e-mail by 8:00 am if changed. Boismenues will post signs along the road if location is changed.

Election of officers: Secretary, Treasurer, and two directors.  Jim Brown, Marj Mehring, and Karen Isebrands-Brown willing to “re-up.”  Nancy Schroder unable to continue in her position.   Nominations will be solicited from the floor for all postions.  Boismenues will prepare printed ballots. Stephanie will sent out e-mail regarding dues requirements before the meeting.

The business portion of the meeting will be held to a minimum. Board members should arrive by 8:00am to aid in set up. Signs will be made to encourage added donations for EWM management efforts. Additional help will be appreciated for after the meeting to help Roger Degris with take down of tables and chairs. Pat Dugan will bring coffee and coffee pots. Plates and silverware will be provided. See the last newsletter for more information regarding the other meeting details.

 Eagle Cove Camp update:

The River News has been keeping up on current details. There was a chance that a judge could rule on the item by June 30th, but that was deemed to be unlikely. The scheduled trial is to be held in Superior on or about September 12th. It is prudent that members of our association be present to support the position of our county and townships.

 Membership and Fundraising topics were tabled for lack of time.

 Next meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2011 at 6:30PM at Pat Dugan’s house.

 The meeting was adjourned at 9:30PM.