SLA Board Meeting Minutes, May 16, 2011

Squash Lake Association Board Meeting
May 16, 2011
Pat Dugan’s Home

 Present:  Pat Dugan, Janet Appling, Marj Mehring, Nancy Schroder, Stephanie Boismenue, Nick Boismenue, Bill Akan, Craig Zarley, Carole Mustacci, Dale Kramer, and guest Nick Giannola (DNR intern).


1.      Approval of Minutes from April 18, 2011 board meeting:  Under item 2. Committee Reports: State Issues/Wisconsin Lakes: “Stephanie and Marj attended the association meeting in Green Bay” was changed to read “Stephanie and Marj attended the Wisconsin Lakes Conference in Green Bay”.

Motion to Approve: Nick Boismenue

            Second: Marj Mehring

            Approved: Unanimous


2.      Announcements:

·         New Oneida County AIS Coordinator: Michele Sadauskas who is a LTE with 600 hours to fill taking her through the boating season.

·         Upcoming CB/CW boat inspection training 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., Wed. May 25th, Oneida Co. Airport. Call 365-2750 to register.

·         Purchase of used pontoon boat for scuba divers: Nick and Stephanie located the boat in Ashland, WI and transported it to Three Lakes where it is currently being “rehabilitated” at Watercraft Sales. The “Milfoil Terminator” as it has been designated will be stripped of its worn seats, but has a sturdy deck, ladder and usable motor and is just what is needed to aid in the harvesting of AIS.


3.      Committee Reports :

·         Treasurer’s Report: Marj Mehring emailed the treasurer’s report ahead of the meeting. The date of the report was changed from April 15 to May 15, 2011 and a suggestion was made by Stephanie Boismenue to include Marj Mehring’s name on the report. Major expenditures included $1500 for the purchase of the pontoon boat and printer supplies for the newsletter. A tentative budget for next year will be drafted by Marj Mehring and Jim Brown for inclusion on the agenda for the annual meeting.

Motion to approve report:  Nick Boismenue

Second:  Craig Zarley      

Approved: Unanimous

·         Newsletter: Without access to free printing and postage for the newsletter, preparing hard copy newsletters to be sent by mail was an all-day effort. In the future, newsletters will be sent by email to all members and non-members who have email addresses.  Please direct current email addresses to Janet Appling or Jim Brown.   Future newsletters that have to be sent to members without email will be black-and-white instead of color to save on printing costs. There is one new sponsor – Club Prohibition – who will be included in the newsletter and on the website.

·    Website: Currently the website is formatted as a blog rather than a website. Carole Mustacci is signed up for a class in website design and will change the format to a website design, allowing use of pictures and more graphics.

·     Woodboro/Crescent Townships:

o   Woodboro:  There is no update on the Eagle Cove Camp and Convention Center. Woodboro has three new board members.

o   Crescent: The Crescent Town Board approved opening certain roads in Crescent for ATV use. An ordinance will be presented at the June meeting. Crescent is also looking into tire recycling for the future.

·   Oneida County OCLRA: Bob Martini, OCLRA president, spoke to the Northern Paddle & Trail Society recently regarding the Oneida County Board’s reluctance to update NR115.

·    State Issues/Wisconsin Lakes: Non-point phosphorus rules are on hold and may be headed for reversal.


4.      Old Business:

·         Boismenue Boat Damage: Boismenues will split the damage 50/50 with SLA at a cost of $113.00 to SLA.

·         Liability Insurance/Workman’s Compensation Issues: Pat Dugan contacted Gary Cirilli who provided the following information:

o As a non-profit corporation there is a level of protection (referred to as the corporate veil) to members and officers of the board.

o Gary did not think we needed additional insurance.

o Gary believes the divers are acting as independent contractors and he will draft a document for divers to sign, indicating that they are not employees of SLA.

Nick Boismenue is researching boat insurance for the pontoon boat, which will include liability coverage.   The question of insurance for the shed at the boat landing was tabled.


5.     AIS Early Detection/Rapid Response Grant: Stephanie submitted Squash Lake Association’s 2011-2013 Early Detection and Response Project to Kevin Gauthier/WDNR the week of May 8-13. The first grant expires on June 30, 2011 and the new grant will begin shortly after. There is approximately $3,000 that could be utilized between now and June 30, assuming DNR’s OK to transfer budget line item to divers.  Air tanks filled at Pelican Fire Department meet Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification and can be filled for $4.00 per tank with less mileage and time than having tanks filled at Timber Bay Sport and Dive Center in Woodruff. Craig Zarley will draft comments with bullet points related to the success of hand pulling AIS versus chemical application.


6.   AIS Prevention Grant with Lakes Julia & Crescent: Janet Appling has been distributing coasters but requested help to distribute remaining coasters to local establishments. Bill Akan commented on the need for additional CB/CW volunteers/inspectors. Very few people have signed up so far to monitor the landing.  Volunteers are also needed for the following:

·    4th of July parade to assist Jim Gehrke from Crescent Lake and Harry Helwig from Lake Julia to make educational float on AIS. 

·    4th of July “Blitz” with comprehensive boat landing monitoring to include media exposure and distribution of  “clean boats/clean waters” towels.


7.      New Business:

·   Comprehensive Lake Management Grant Proposal: Craig Zarley reported August  deadline for Onterra to write our grant.  They should begin process in mid-June.  

·    Annual Meeting:  The board confirmed the annual meeting on July 2nd, to be held at Roger Degris’ beach. The Crescent Town hall has been reserved in the event of rain.  Signs to be posted to direct people to the location. Roger Degris is making six extra picnic tables. The meeting will be a potluck brunch from 9-11 a.m., with a request to participants to bring a simple dish to pass, beverages and table settings. Agenda will include EWM update with appeal for donations, possible raffles, and a tentative budget. Divers will be invited and the “Milfoil Terminator” will be presented.

·  Social Activity Calendar: June 4th – paddle regatta: meet at boat landing at 7:00 a.m. with plans to paddle down to “Loon Bay.”

·   Other: Marj Mehring suggested plans be made for attendance at the trial for Eagle Cove Camp and Conference Center beginning on 9/11/11. It was also suggested that fundraising and membership be added to the agenda for the next meeting. Carol Mustacci discussed retention of members and suggestions included an introductory folder for new Squash Lake property owners and a list of nearby lakes with AIS. Current fundraising committee is made up of Karen Isebrands Brown and Craig Zarley.


8.   Next Meeting: 

June 20, 2011

6:30 pm

Pat Dugan’s home


9.      Adjourned by executive order of Pat Dugan at 8:30 pm.