SLA Board Meeting Agenda, 1/18/2011

The next meeting of the SLA board of directors will be at 6:30 p.m. Monday January 17 at the Dugan home at 7306 Squash Lake Road. SLA members are always welcome to attend.


1. Approve minutes from December 13, 2010

2. Reports

        • Treasurer

        • Website

        • Newsletter

         • Ad hoc membership committee (Carole & Jim)

         • Ad hoc fund raising committee (Karen, Craig, & Greg)

         • Woodboro/Crescent townships

          • Oneida Co/OCLRA

          • State issues/Wisconsin Lakes

3. Old Business

          • Thank you to divers

4. AIS Early Detection/Rapid Response Grant

5. AIS Prevention/Education Grant

6. New Business

      • Comprehensive Lake Management Grant application

     • SLA letterhead

     • Roger Degris’ offer to purchase annual meeting tent and rent to SLA

     • Nick Boismenue boat damage

     • Clarification of permitted activities as 501(c)(3) organization

     • Social activity options as researched by Nancy

7. Next meeting February 21 (3rd Monday of the Month)