SLA Board Meeting Minutes, November 15, 2010

Squash Lake Association Board Meeting

 November 15, 2010

Pat Dugan’s Home

Present:  Pat Dugan, Stephanie Boismenue, Janet Appling, Marj Mehring, Greg Nevinski, Nick Boismenue, Jim Brown, Karen Isebrands Brown, Craig Zarley, Nancy Schroder, Sarah Biolo.

1.      Approval of Minutes from October 18, 2010 board meeting:

Motion to Approve:  Greg Nevinski

            Second:  Nick Boismenue


2.      Announcements:

  • Nancy Schroder has agreed to fill Gary Cirilli’s board term.  Pat Dugan introduced Nancy and welcomed her to the board.
  • Jaros Family challenge grant:  Pat Dugan reviewed the $3,000 challenge grant put forth by the Jaros family.  The family will match donations, dollar for dollar, for AIS eradication efforts.  The challenge will be in effect until December 31, 2010.  Karen will do some 1:1 solicitation to promote this funding opportunity.
  • Woodboro/Crescent Townships:  No updates.  Town of Newbold now has an official lakes committee to promote lake interests at the town level.
  • Oneida County Lakes & Rivers Association:  Janet Appling reported that Steve Osterman’s position in the planning & zoning department has been eliminated at Oneida County due to budget cuts. 
  • Wisconsin Lakes Association:  Worries expressed about the reduced effectiveness of the DNR with the new state administration.


3.      Committee Reports :

  •  Newsletter:  Janet Appling reported the committee has completed the next issue which will be mailed next week.
  • Website:  Carole Mustacci is recommending that the website be public (no password required).  The board discussed having a public comments section, but due to the lack of staff to review and monitor editorials, it was decided not to have an open comments section.   
  • Ad hoc finance committee:  The board reviewed and approved the finance policy developed by the ad hoc finance committee.

Motion:  Nick Boismenue

Second:  Greg Nevinski


 Jim Brown will develop a draft of an annual budget for 2010-11 and present at the December board meeting.  Marj Mehring will continue to develop a financial template for her regular reports to the board.  

4.      Old Business:

  • Membership data base:  The secretary will maintain all membership records.
  • Donation slot on landing shed:  no report


 5.      AIS Early Detection/Rapid Response GrantStephanie Boismenue handed out a report on the status of the Early Detection grant.  The report included a summary of the AIS infestation as reported by Onterra.  Some areas are now free of milfoil and some of the smaller colonies have grown in size.  The areas where the divers concentrated their efforts were significantly reduced in size.  Overall, the hand pulling was successful, but continued efforts will be necessary to control the spread in the future.


6.      AIS Prevention/Education Grant:  Janet Appling handed out a report on the status of the education grant.  Janet has been given approval for four grant activity modifications.  The modifications have to do with volunteer hours, lake monitoring activities, manual pulling of milfoil, and board hours devoted to AIS activities at regular board meetings.  Expenditures and matching hours for the first year of the grant are in alignment with stated grant activities.  The grant year runs from April 1, 2010 through December 31, 2012.


7.      New Business:

  • Proposed slow/no wake buoy by big island:  Pat Dugan reported the survey of members on the slow/no wake buoy issue indicated an even split, for and against.  Given the lack of a clear majority, the board decided to drop the issue at this time.  The association will continue to remind lake residents of safe boating practices through various education efforts and the newsletter articles.
  • Delay in implementation of new DNR fish regulations for Squash Lake:  Craig Zarley reported that the DNR is considering changes to the size limits on bass and walleyes due to the fact that the bass population is increasing and the walleye population is decreasing.  Any changes would go into effect in 2013.  Craig will put some recommendations on size limits in the next newsletter.
  • Proposal to change fiscal year: Marge Mehring discussed the benefits of a calendar year budget vs. a fiscal year budget.  The issue was tabled for now.
  • Reactivation of membership committee:  Pat Dugan asked for volunteers to form an ad hoc membership committee to develop a plan for membership recruitment.  Jim Brown volunteered to contact Carole Mustacci to develop the plan.  All board members were asked to bring recruitment ideas to the next board meeting. 
  • Future fund raising initiatives:  Karen Isebrands Brown volunteered to chair an ad hoc committee to develop a fund raising plan. Craig Zarley and Greg Nevinski volunteered to serve on this committee.
  • Future comprehensive lake management grant:  Stephanie Boismenue recommended starting the application process for this grant in February.  Renewal of the Rapid Response grant may also be an option and will be pursued if available.


8. Board Meeting Schedule: Next meeting December 13, 2010.  

 9. Adjourned at 8:50 pm.