Message from Lawrence Eslinger, Oneida County AIS coordinator 12/15/2010

Greetings AIS Partners,

I recently accepted a fisheries biologist position (stationed in Mercer) with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Therefore, my last official day as the Oneida County AIS Coordinator will be December 31st.  I have truly enjoyed my time as the County’s AIS Coordinator, and the experiences I have gained from this position will greatly benefit me as I move forward.  I would like to thank all of you for your support and assistance over this past year.  Coming into this position not knowing what to expect, I can honestly say that I am very impressed with the commitment and passion of Oneida County’s citizens, and the people of the entire Northwoods community, in regards to the protection of our water resources.  And although I will be working in another county, I will continue to be an Oneida County resident, as well as a part of the network of people committed to protecting the integrity of our waters here in the Northwoods.

 Although it is obviously out of my hands, I would like to see Oneida County move as quickly as possible in filling the AIS Coordinator position.  Currently, I feel that our County AIS program and overall county-wide efforts are strong, and they need to remain that way.  I also know that the County’s constituents value the protection of our lakes and rivers.  Therefore, if this position were to remain vacant, I feel it would be a disservice to the people of Oneida County.  If you share these feelings, contact your local county board supervisor and express your concerns.

 Again, thank you for your support, and please feel free to contact me during the remaining weeks if you have any questions or concerns.

 Best Regards,

 Lawrence Eslinger
Oneida County Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator
3375 Airport Road # 10
Rhinelander, WI 54501