Twice Blessed

Squash Lake has been twice blessed. A second* large tract of Squash Lake shoreline has been preserved for posterity. Pat Dugan and Sue Hausserman-Dugan have made an outright donation of 4,000 feet of shoreline conservation land to the Northwoods Land Trust.** The land features a long narrow esker ridge which extends out into the lake. It will be known as the Dugan Squash Lake Nature Preserve. We are eternally grateful to Pat and Sue for this generous gift.

Hopefully, the generosity and forethought of Roger, Pat and Sue will inspire other Squash Lake residents to consider putting their shoreline into a conservation trust… that leave a lasting legacy.

*Roger Degris donated 3,863 ft of shoreline to the Northwoods Land Trust.

**Learn more about the Northwoods Land Trust at Explore possible tax advantages.

Another way to reduce the amount of development on the shores of Squash Lake is to consider putting your shoreland into the land trust. The shoreline that rings the big bay/marsh where the loons and Sandhill Cranes nest is especially vulnerable and vital to the health of our lake.

501c3 is a Coming
We are officially a 501c3 Tax Deductable organization . The effective date is Dec, 2005.
This means donations to SLA are deductable on your taxes.