SCUBA Divers to Harvest Eurasian Water-milfoil

A massive Eurasian Water-milfoil harvesting weekend will take place on Saturday May 22nd and Sunday May 23rd, 2010.

Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Advanced Trimix Diver Mike Bernard and his company Mobile Divers LLC, are hosting a Northwood’s Trash and Treasure Dive in conjunction with PADI Project AWARE International Clean-Up Day – the “trash” part will be harvesting the Eurasian Water-milfoil in Squash Lake.

This is an amazing development for Squash Lake Association– Mike is hosting this event on Squash Lake at no charge to the Squash Lake Association except for a donation and the following support and request:

For both Saturday and Sunday, the Squash Lake Association needs to provide at least:

• 5 pontoon boats and each boat must have a front and back anchor,

• Each pontoon boat will be used as a station for 4-5 scuba divers

• Each pontoon boat must have two volunteers – volunteer #1 must be the boat owner (captain) to drive their boat and volunteer #2 will be a diver assistant. Please note that the 2nd volunteer (the diver’s assistant) must be a person who is strong and agile – able to lift the heavy bags of milfoil out of the water and assist the divers as they are coming on deck of the pontoon boats, etc.

• We need volunteers to provide snacks, refreshments etc.

The only PADI scuba divers allowed to dive during this event are ones who are signed-up with Mike specifically for this event. This event is limited to twenty divers and must be registered by May 15th. Mike can be contacted at 715-482-8919.

We will need the support of many volunteers to make this weekend successful.

I need the 5 pontoon boats and volunteers to be signed up with me by Saturday May 15th. Please contact me by calling 715-282-5079 or email

Thank you for your help.
Stephanie Boismenue, Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator, SLA