SLA Board Meeting Minutes, March 17, 2010

Squash Lake Association Board Meeting

March 17, 2010

Pat Dugan’s Home

                                                                                                                                                         Present:  Pat Dugan, Karen Isebrands Brown, Stephanie Boismenue, Nick Boismenue, Janet Appling, Jim Brown, Marj Mehring, Craig Zarley.


1.  Approval of Minutes from February 24, 2010:

            Motion to Approve:  Janet Appling

            Second:  Nick Boismenue

            Minutes Approved

2.  Reports:

  • Treasurer:

            Janet Appling reported total assets of $3,361.76 as of 02-24-2010.

            Motion to accept treasurer’s report:  Craig Zarley

            Second:  Nick Boismenue

            Treasurer’s report approved

  • Revised AIS Committee (Stephanie, Marj, Craig, Nick):  Stephanie Boismenue informed the board that she met with the new Oneida County AIS coordinator, Lawrence Eslinger, and we are looking forward to working with him.  Stephanie met with Kevin Gauthier regarding signage at the boat landing. Any signage that is not official DNR approved needs to be submitted for approval.  Stephanie will send our sign to Kevin. Stephanie also wants to schedule additional Clean Boats/Clean Waters trainings above and beyond what the County is offering.
  • Newsletter Committee:  The committee will meet soon to plan the next newsletter.  The newsletter will be published by mid-April.  Paid ads will be included in the newsletter from now on.
  •  Membership Committee:  the current membership is over 100.
  • Website Committee: Pat Dugan will contact Jon Markworth about the status of the SLA Website.
  • OCLRA:  Stephanie Boismenue reported that the annual meeting will be June 19 and John Bates will be the speaker.

February WAL Lakes Conference:  Marj Mehring attended and reported on a session dealing with lake water levels.  Squash Lake is a seepage lake and the lake level is governed by the ground water levels.  High capacity wells can have an impact on the lake level.  One factor is whether or not the well discharge eventually migrates back to the same ground water source from which it is pumped.  Karen Isebrands Brown made a motion to reimburse Stephanie and Marj for their registration. The motion will be acted on pending submittal of the actual registration. 




3.  Old Business:

  • 501.c.3 Application: Pat Dugan reported that Gary Cirilli has completed the application and we should hear back shortly.
  • Status of Two Buoys:  Stephanie Boismenue reported that the Fralicks have signed off on the placement of the loon buoy off of their shoreline in the south.  The application is on the April 13th Crescent Town Board meeting agenda.

Wendy Peters has signed off on the slow no wake buoy off of her shoreline near the small bay and Pat Dugan has received Woodboro Town Board approval.  The approval is being held at the DNR Warden level.  The final decision will be announced before Memorial Day weekend.

  • Fishing Survey: Craig Zarley reported that in 2012 Squash Lake will be changed from a walleye limit of 1 over 14” to a more restrictive standard of over 1 over 18” because of the lower census of walleyes in the recent lake survey.  There will be no limit on largemouth bass.


4.  Implementation of EWM Rapid Response Grant: Stephanie Boismenue spoke with Kevin

Gauthier and Tim Hoyman about our rapid response lake management plan for the AIS removal.  They Are suggesting we monitor the hand pulling in 2010 and use those results to develop a

more comprehensive lake management plan in the future. The SLA won’t be reimbursed for expenses until the AIS grant has been officially approved.


5.  New Business:

  • Update on joint AIS prevention grant application with Crescent Lake and Lake Julia:  Decision due at the end of March.
  • Eagle Cove Camp federal lawsuit: no comment at this time.
  • WAL annual convention March 31-April 1 in Green Bay:  Stephanie Boismenue and Marj Mehring will attend.
  • SLA annual meeting:  The date of the annual meeting will be Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 11am. at Roger Degris’ beach.  Volunteers to setup and teardown the tables, chairs are needed on Saturday July 12th.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Jim Brown at:


A nominating committee was formed to recruit the open board member positions and two board officers.  Greg Nevinski and Gary Cirilli were recommended for the nominating committee, and Pat will contact Greg and Gary.


  • Neighborhood Watch letter from Oneida County Sheriff’s Dept.:  no one has responded to the request in the last SLA newsletter.  Karen Isebrands Brown will  organize a watch committee in her neighborhood in the near future and invite people from other sections of the lake who might be interested in organizing a similar watch in their neighborhoods.
  • Kiosk signage at boat landing:  Stephanie reported that new signage is being developed by the DNR and will be installed this summer.
  • Proposed launch fee to fund AIS efforts: The board is in favor of a launch fee to raise funds for AIS control.  Janet will check with the Town of Crescent regarding the possibility of a fee.
  • SLA liaisons to Towns of Woodboro and Crescent:  Janet Appling is the official SLA representative for monitoring the Town of Crescent board agendas and meetings.  Gary and Sharon Sparling monitor same in the Town of Woodboro, except for 3-4 months when they are away.  Craig Zarley agreed to fill in when Sparlings are gone. 


6.  Next Meeting Date:

            April 21st

            May 19th

            June 16th  

            Time: 6:30 P.M.

            Location:   Pat Dugan’s home

            All members are welcome to attend.

7.   Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm.