SLA Board Meeting Minutes, Jan. 10, 2010

Squash Lake Association Board Meeting

January 20, 2010

Pat Dugan’s Home

Present:  Pat Dugan, Karen Isebrands Brown, Stephanie Boismenue, Nick Boismenue, Janet Appling, Jim Brown, Marj Mehring, Gary Cirilli.

1.   Approve minutes from December 9, 2009 meeting:

            Motion to approve:  Janet

            Second: Nick

            Motion passed

2.   Reports:

  • Treasurer:  Total balance:  $3100.  Janet Appling reported that the current balance in checking is $87.30.  Janet recommended that the Association cash in a $500 CD when it comes due in March 2010.

Motion:  Gary Cirilli

Second:  Nick Boismenue


  • Newsletter Committee:  Karen and Janet have been compiling the next newsletter and expect to have it published in early February.
  • Membership Committee:  no report.
  • Website Committee: Pat Dugan received an email from Jon Markworth about progress on the website. Pictures and bios of board members will be forwarded to Jon. 
  • Oneida Co. Lakes & Rivers Association: Stephanie met with the group on Saturday January 16.  The organization is presenting questions on bill NR115 (Statewide Shore land Zoning Regulations) to county board candidates for the spring elections.  Another goal is to have OCLRA members attend area lake association meetings. 

3.   Old Business:

  • Oneida County Board of Adjustment Hearing:  No one from the SLA attended the meeting. The Eagle Cove Camp conditional use permit was denied.
  • 501.c.3:  Gary Cirilli worked with Mike Hauser from Northland Accounting and filed the application for tax exempt status.  Final approval will be announced by the end of March.  The Association thanked Gary for his work on this project.
  • Status of Two Buoys: 
    • Stephanie reported on the loon buoy application.  She is working with the DNR to obtain a permit to put the loon buoy in the south bay.
    • Pat Dugan reported that he contacted Wendy Peters, Virginia’s daughter, who requested that SLA pursue a permit for the slow/no wake buoy from the township and the DNR.   Pat will follow up.

4.   New Business:

  • Eurasian Water Milfoil Project:  Stephanie reported on early detection, early response. She has talked with Kevin Gauther from the DNR & Tim Hoyman from Onterra, and they are requesting that the board make a decision in February in order to get a contractor scheduled early enough in the season. Public input is important.  Kevin indicated that the weevils that feed on the milfoil are native to Wisconsin.  The negative aspect is that the weevils are easily detached from the plant and may not work effectively.  This solution has had mixed results.  Stephanie talked to Kyle McLaughlin, a scuba diver, who is certified to remove milfoil.  Kyle has worked on Lake Tomahawk with mixed results.  Hand pulling can be done up until late August, when the plants go to seed.  Divers charge ~$20/hr. per diver, with two divers minimum. 

            Pat reported the results of an informal survey of members:

  • 8 members voted for use of chemicals  
  • 3 have voted against use of chemicals. 

            The course of action will be voted on by the board at the February 24th meeting.  The        issue will be presented in the next newsletter.  The following issues will be presented:

  • Cost, and grant option
  • Eradication options
  • Timelines
  • Prevention/Education Grant Application with Crescent Lake and Lake Julia:  Janet Appling reported on the joint grant application with the Crescent Lake Association, Lake Julia Association and the SLA for AIS prevention.  The grant has been submitted and the awards will be announced in March.
  • Dugan Donation of Land to Northwoods Land Trust:  Pat reported that he and Sue have donated their peninsula and 3 lots on the narrow bay to the Northwoods Land Trust. There will be an open house and formal dedication of the property next summer.  The property has been deeded to the Land Trust as a charitable donation. 
  • Homeowner Request to Dredge Narrow Bay:

The board feels that they do not have enough information about the environmental impact on the lake to address the request.  Pat will contact the DNR. 

The following items were tabled:

  • Proposed boat launch fee to fund AIS efforts:
  • Kiosk signage at boat landing
  • SLA committee structure and soliciting more member involvement
  • SLA government liaisons to Towns of Woodboro and Crescent
  • SLA neighborhood reps?
  • Do we need a SLA “code of etiquette?”

5.  The meeting was adjourned at 9pm.

            Motion:  Janet

            Second:  Stephanie

            Motion passed

6.   Next Meetings: 

  • Feb 24 and March 17