Squash Lake Volunteer Recognition

By Stephanie Boismenue

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless. ~Sherry Anderson

I would like to thank the following Squash Lake Clean Boats Clean Waters Volunteers who helped at the boat landing during the 2009 season. Thank you for devoting your time to help educate the boaters about aquatic invasive species, inspecting their boats/teaching them how to inspect their boats for any potential aquatic invasive hitchhikers, and for spread the news that clean boats = clean waters.

So please give a round of applause to:
Carole Mustacci, Craig Zarley, Dale Kramer, Dale Smith, Debbie Polkowski, Greg Nevinski, Janet Appling, Jeannie Smith, Jim Brown, Jim Trask, Jon Markworth, Karen Cerney, Karen Isebrands-Brown, Kathy Chavez, Kathy Tournour, Kyle Borski, Marj Mehring, Pat Dugan, Ron Appling, Shirley Trask, Sue Hausserman-Dugan, and Tom Kowalski.

I would especially like to thank Marj Mehring:
Marj, I’m grateful to you for being an incredibly dedicated volunteer to Squash Lake and for spending nearly every Friday evening at the boat landing. And, thank you for being so passionate about every living organism in Squash Lake that is at the mercy of humans hands – You are an inspiration!