SLA Board Meeting agenda

The next meeting of the Squash Lake Association board of directors will be on Wednesday January 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Pat Dugan’s house at 7306 Squash Lake Road.  As always, board meetings are open to all members.


1. Approve minutes from Dec 9 meeting

2. Reports
•    Treasurer
•    Newsletter committee
•    Membership committee
•    Website committee (board member photos & bio’s)
•    Oneida Co. Lakes & Rivers Association (Stephanie)
3. Old Business
•    Oneida County Board of Adjusment denial of Eagle Cove Camp conditional use permit
•    501c3 application for tax exempt status
•    Status of two buoys
4. New Business
•    Eurasian Water Milfoil project
•    Prevention/education grant application with Crescent Lake and Lake Julia
•    Dugan donation of land to Northwoods Land Trust
•    Homeowner request to dredge narrow bay
•    Proposed boat launch fee to fund AIS efforts
•    Kiosk signage at boat landing
•    SLA committee structure and soliciting more member involvement
•    SLA government liaisons to Woodboro, Crescent, and Oneida County?
•    SLA neighborhood reps?
•    Do we need a SLA “code of ediquette?”
•    Other…
5.  Next meetings:  Feb 24 and March 17