Janet and Ron Appling

Treasurer of SLA
Janet and Ron Appling

Janet and Ron Appling

Squash Lake has been a part of my life for the last 60 years. My parents bought their property which included half of the beach when I was 11. The whole family worked together to build the house on weekends and during the 2 week vacation my father had. Since then I have spent all my summers here on the lake and at the age of 20 I purchased my 20 acres adjoining their property and my brother Orlan purchased Peninsula View Resort with the help of my parents. Tony Gudis was the owner of a very large portion of the lake shore property on the south east section of the lake and the person we purchased our property from on a land contract. The reason land was purchased on this particular lake is that it reminded my parents of their homeland in Lithuania and the lake was so clear and clean.

I have a BS in Education and had started work on my MA in Out door Teacher Educ. My various career adventures include Teaching K-8 in several school districts, 12 years in the Army (this is where I met Ron in Des Moines, IA), and working for Wal Mart for 13 years as a Personnel Manager. I retired from Wal Mart and we opened The Donut Shop in Rhinelander. But our timing was bad for that kind of a shop in downtown Rhinelander and after 3 years we closed it down.

Ron and I moved up here permanently in 1972 and we finished building our home in 1976. While raising our 2 sons, we had a small farm with horses, goats, rabbits, ducks, a couple pigs one year, peafowl and a variety of wild animals including a fawn and a raccoon being the most notable. During this time we also hosted foreign exchange students from Mexico and Central America and were volunteer representatives for Intercambio International.

Our 2 sons are both married and we have 2 granddaughters, from Aaron, that live down the road from us. Brion and his wife live in Minneapolis and spend many weekends here on the lake with us.

When I was approached by Virginia Amerena about organizing a lake association, I agreed to help in any way needed. I was elected as Treasurer and have held that office ever since. This position on the SLA Board has kept me busy and complimented my interest and concern for nature and the local ecosystem and the health of our lake.