Slow No Wake Zone


The State Assembly passed bill SB 12 that would establish a statewide slow no wake zone for motorboats within 100 ft of a lake’s shoreline. The Senate passed the bill earlier this month. It will become law upon the Governor’s signature.

A provision within the bill allows local boating ordinances to extend slow-no-wake zones farther from shore (for example, 200 feet as Dane County done) This provision recognizes that there are some locations where a more localized approach may be desirable to accommodate recreational use. An exemption is also included for water-skiers pick up and drop off zones.

Boating too close to shorelines can contribute to shoreline erosion problems, reduce water clarity by stirring up lake bed sediments, release phosphorusthe nutrient responsible for algae blooms– from lake bed sediments, and harm fish habitat when propellers uproot shore plants.