Squash Lake Sensitivity and Shoreland Development

Effectiveness of Shoreland Zoning Standards to Meet Statutory
A Literature Review with Policy Implications Dams, Floodplain & Shoreland Section Bureau of Watershed Management
Prepared by Thomas W. Bernthal Edited by Julia R. Barrett PUBL-WT-505-97

It says:
The Wisconsin DNR has determined that seepage lakes, particularly those with an irregular-shape such as Squash Lake, have a greater ratio of shoreland per acre of water. This allows for more development per acre of water and a larger proportion of nutrient delivery from the shoreline. As a result, shoreland zoning standards that limit development “can play a large role in protecting water quality” of these lakes.
So, if you compare the amount of shoreline

Squash Lake
Main Shoreline: 7.1 miles, or 7.1 miles to 395.8 acres
Ratio of shoreland per acre of water: 1 mile to 55.7 acres

Crescent Lake

Main Shoreline: 7.4 miles, or 7.4 miles to 625.8 acres
Ratio of shoreland per acre of water: 1 mile to 84.6 acres

My Conclusion: For each mile of potential development, Squash Lake has less water to handle the same amount of nutrient loading and eutrophication (increase in biological growth) occurs more quickly. Or, simply put, Squash Lake is more sensitive to the effects of development.  A 1 meter (roughly 3-foot) difference in average minimum water clarity was associated with property value declines of up to 22%
I got the official word today from Planning & Zoning that the public hearing is Wed Apr 29th at 5:30 pm in the Oneida County Board room.  The room is located on the second floor going into the addition on the right side of the hall before the Planning & Zoning offices.

Be sure to attend to voice your opinions, but also write letters to the board members.  The names and adresses are in the 2nd edition of The Voice of Squash Lake; in your mailboxes next week.

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter to all our Christian Neighbors.